How to Increase Laptop Battery Backup [7 Rocket Push Tips]

Boost Laptop Battery Backup

If you are reading this article, then your’s laptop battery backup is surely poor. There might be a more grim situation, when your laptop doesn’t have a removable battery- means you can’t replace a discharged battery with a charged’s one. Avoiding any other blah-blah, here are our best 7 tips to Guaranteed increase in laptop’s battery backup life.

Best 7 Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Backup

1. Reduce the screen brightness

The display screen of your laptop is the biggest battery power consuming component. Most of the time, you do not need to run the display at its highest brightness or resolution. High brightness is needed only for some colour sensitive work or video game play. For simple works like editing documents, Internet browsing, PowerPoint presentation, reading e-books, you can reduce the brightness as well as resolution of laptops screen to enhance better life.

Most of the modern laptops are supplied with brightness adjustment key (identify by Sun/Moon printed on/below the key) on the keypad. You can directly dim the screen by using these keys. In old laptops, the same can be done with the help of some Function keys.

You can also use Windows Mobility Center to change the brightness of screen. This method works on all types of laptops. To go to Windows Mobility Center, just hold on the Windows key and press X on the keyboard.

Windows Mobility Center Increase Laptop Battery Life

In Windows 8 and 10, the brightness adjustment feature is available in the Action Centre (Swipe your mouse cursor in the right corner of the screen) like shown in the image below

Action centre for brightness adjustments

2. Change the Power Plan (Power Settings)

In the Windows operating system, the Windows have inbuilt power plan (Power Settings) profiles for different uses. By default, “Balanced” power plan is active on Windows. “Balanced” power plan is a balance between power consumption and performance of your laptop.

If you are not running the high power consumption applications like video games, Photoshop, any video editing software, etc, you can switch to “Power Saver” power profile to increase laptop battery backup. This reduces the power consumption of your laptop considerably. You can further optimise this plan profile through advanced settings, too.

How to change power plan and Further Optimize this power plan is given in the video below:

In Windows 10, there’s a new toggle button to instantly enable battery saver mode. These can be enabled by double-clicking on battery icon in the Task bar. This feature behave like as in smartphone’s battery saver mode. This just disables live activities like Email push notifications, etc.

Battery saver mode in Windows 10

3. Stop Background Applications

As like in a smart phone, they are some applications that always run in the background when the main program is not running. When your laptop starts, background applications starts in the background, automatically, .

You can disable automatic start of these background applications either by Task Manager (Right click on Task bar >Select Task manager) or by third party applications like AVG PC Tune up (former Tuneup utilities), IObit Advanced system care, etc.

Most common examples of background application is: Microsoft Word and Google Chrome web browser. Both of these can be disabled, as per requirement, to save the battery. Google Drive and dropbox can also be disabled if you do not require them frequently.

In some laptops, Intel HD Graphic can also be disabled because once it is set, you do not need to run it unless you want to change it again.

4. Use SSD instead of HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. These are advanced form of hard disks. In old hard disk there are several discs which rotates to transfer data. But In the SSD, there is no such the running discs or platters.

These works like as memory card in your smart phone. So using SSDs considerably increase laptop battery backup and drastically increase your laptop performance.  SSD vs HDD increase in battery life

Nowadays, SSD are not very costlier than hard disk drives. You can get 120 GB SSD for $ 50 or less on Amazon.

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5. Switch off Un-used devices and ports

You can switch off following devices and ports to increase laptop battery backup-

  1. DVD drive (Generally it is of no use, nowadays, so you can switch it off)
  2. Portable hard disks and web cams (Unplug portable hard disks and Switch off web cams As they rely completely on your laptop’s battery to run)
  3. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Sound ports if not needed.
  4. External Graphic Card (switch to Internal graphic card if you are not running a video game)
  5. Hard disk and Processor cores (Even hard disks and processors can be switched off)

To know more about these Switch offs (How to, Do’s & Don’t s), Kindly read: Increase battery life of Laptop: 7 Things that can be Switched Off.

6. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is a fancy word but is of no use for most of the computer users. It is only suitable for tasks which require high processing power like video editing, video game play, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Most of laptop users only require laptop for Internet surfing, document editing, Watching video on YouTube, Video talk on Skype or preparing PowerPoint presentation. And for these, Multitasking is of no use in broader sense.

You can avoid running resource consuming computer programs with other applications like

  • Exit Skype or web browser while editing a document.
  • Use a simple text editor Like Notepad ++, Evernote instead of using Microsoft Word.

7. Proper Battery Care

  • Never use your laptop when the battery of your laptop gets discharged below 20%. Using laptop at 20% discharge level, it will create permanent damage to your laptop’s battery.
  • Don’t use your laptop for playing games as this will consume your battery power very fast and also it will gradually decrease the performance of your laptop battery.
  • De-attach your battery if there is no power interruption while you are using laptop. And keep it in sunlight for some time.
  • Keep your laptop battery cool

Heating up of your battery leads to decrease in its performance. At high temperature, the electrolytic process in the battery goes slow down. So, it is necessary to cool the battery down. Provide adequate heat sink beneath laptop to disperse the heat generated. You can provide additional fan for the same.

Cool your laptop battery to increase its life

Always try to use laptop on a table rather than in your bed. In bed or blanket, the air vent of your laptop got plugged. And hence reduce air circulation.You can use lap desk for the laptop use in the bed. Cooler battery will certainly increase laptop battery backup.

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7 Tips to Increase Battery Backup of Laptops [Rocket Push].
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7 Tips to Increase Battery Backup of Laptops [Rocket Push].
7 Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Backup [Rocket Push]: 1. Reduce the screen brightness 2. Change the Power Plan 3. Stop Background Applications 4. Use SSD instead of HDD 5. Switch off Un-used devices and ports 6. Avoid multitasking 7. Proper Battery care
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