How to Unblock Blocked Websites? Best Tips to Open Banned Sites.


Facing difficulty in unblock blocked websites, banned websites or blacklisted websites or restricted contents? In the modern era of the Internet where everything is possible in some ways or another, if you can also open blocked/ banned websites or restricted content whether they were banned by Governments, Internet Service providers (ISPs), or some other way.  Here are some ways to open these blocked/ banned websites in your office, schools etc.

These tips can be used by proxy and without proxy and all operating systems and all browsers- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet explorer, Chromium, etc.

Best Ways to Unblock Blocked Websites

1. Use IP Hide Tools to open blocked sites

Websites are blocked or banned by different countries individually in most of the cases. A website may be banned in one country may be accessible in other country. This trick is used by IP hiding software to provide you access to blocked website or restricted contents. These software hide your real IP address and provide you a proxy IP address by which you can access the blocked content. You are assumed as a user of the country where the website is accessible. IP hiding software protect your online privacy by making you anonymous on the Internet. That’s why this is best method to bypass all restrictions. Best software for this task is:

Hide My IP

This is my favorite software and best IP Hide software available to hide your IP while internet surfing. With this software, you can access any banned websites for sure. This software hide your IP address. It is a shareware means you can use trial version for specific period before buy. You can use its trial version for 14 days after that you can buy it Only for 29.95$ for lifetime license and free updates.

Key Benefits and Features of – Hide My IP:

  • Anonymous and Encrypted Web Surfing
  • Unblock any Website
  • Works on Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS
  • Prevent the Government from Spying on You
  • Send Anonymous E-mails
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are looking to protect your Privacy Online and surf Anonymously, then you must try it once.

Download Best IP Hide Software



You can try following software too:

or checkout Best Software to hide your IP and surf anonymously.

2. Use Tor browser- Anonymity Online

This free web browser unblock blocked websites with compromising online security. Tor browser- Anonymity Online is a free web browser software that prevents hackers from learning your location or browsing habits by letting you communicate anonymously on the Internet. This web browser is a network of virtual tunnels that allows users to access to bypass ISP restrictions. So with Tor, you can open blocked websites in your country, specifically banned by ISPs.

To know more detail about tor browser and its working, visit: Tor Project-How to?

3. Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) services

VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to open blocked websites from your home network and puts your IP address in a protected mode. VPN acts as a tunnel that converts your data into junk value that’s difficult for anyone to sniff and hack. There are tons of free/cheap VPN services that one can use and enjoy an uninterrupted internet experience. You can unblock any blocked sites by using VPN services.

VPN services are generally costly but are more secure. Here are most popular VPN services to access banned websites:

Access site blocked at work

But you can use FREE VPN Service Provider for slightly compromising your online privacy and security.

Here is list of FREE VPN Service Providers:

  • Openvpn: Open VPN is an open source program that allows you to create a secure private network inside the public network (internet). It offers 128-bit encryption, so you don’t have to worry about your online security.
  • SpotFlux
  • VPNBook

These VPN services also provide free Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

If want to enhance your computer security, you should opt for the deadly combination of Tor browser and VPN.

4. Use Proxy Websites

There are online websites that offer to serve as a proxy to unblock blocked websites. These websites survive on ads, so surfing through these websites is not very enjoyable. Moreover, some blocked website does not open properly with these services. Privacy protection and user data theft is also a problem with these websites. Here are some best proxy websites to have a try:

  • CyberGhost:Cyber Ghost VPN is the best in this list because of its free version has everything a average user needs. It encrypts all online traffic and ensures data remains hidden from hackers when on an open wireless network. There is no bandwidth limit in the free version, but it disconnects the user after every three hours and it is also limited to one Windows device. You can use this service without even creating an account to open blocked sites.

6. Change DNS of computer

Sometimes, ISP’s DNS (domain name server) which resolve URL into IP address, block URLs of blocked websites. Changing DNS to open DNS or Google DNS not only unblock sites but also increases the speed of internet surfing.

Here is a video on how to change DNS to open blocked websites:

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How to Access Blocked Websites? Tips to Open Banned Websites.
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How to Access Blocked Websites? Tips to Open Banned Websites.
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