5 Best Free Apps to Protect Eyes from Smartphone Screen (F.Lux and its Alternatives)

Protect eyes from smartphone screen All of us know that smart phone has become a integral part of our life. Due to day by day increase in smartphone use, it is must to protect your eyes from your smartphone screen. Your smart phone, tablet or your computer screen emits blue light,which is very harmful to your eye health. Staring your smartphone’s screen more than two hours per day leads to eyes strain aka computer vision syndrome. Your vision may be blurred. There might be burning sensation in your eyes.

To reduce harmful effect of staring at a screen, either you reduce the use of your mobile phone or use some apps to adjust your smart phone screen brightness or colour temperature that best suit your eyes. And here are apps to protect eyes from smartphone screen:

Free Apps to Protect Eyes from Smartphone Screen

1. F.Lux

Reduce mobile eye strain -F.lux

Some of us might be familiar with this application- F.lux. Formerly, this application was only available for your computer. Now it is available for Android as well as iOS operating system. This is the best application that change the tint your smart phone screen as per the daytime. Changing tint reduce the stress on eyes. At night, there is yellowish tint which is more comfortable to eyes at night. In daytime it is completely white.

This application works only on Rooted android system or jail-broken iOS (iPhone) system.

You can download it from here: Android, iOS.

Note for iPhone users: This is not currently available at Apple App store.

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2. Twilight

twilight-filter blue light

Twilight is also a free application that filter blue light from your mobile screen, and help you to sleep better.  You can also adjust the colour temperature or the intensity of colour as per your preferences. If you provide your location to the app, it automatically adjust the colour intensity or temperature to the sun cycle based on your local sunset and sunrise times.

This application is only available for android operating system.

You can download it from here: Twilight for Android.

3. Velis Auto Brightness

Protect your eyes - Velis auto brightness

Velis auto brightness automatically change the brightness of the smartphone screen by using your devices sensors to determine the environment you’re in. You can also set brightness setting manually. You can use sensors like light, proximity, cameras as per your preference. There is fully customizable brightness graph that fit user’s needs. You just need to drag the cursor as per your requirement. The colour is changed in real time.

This app also has a battery conserving feature- it is turned on only when the screen is on. You can selectively disable it for some specific application.

This is only available for android and you can download it from here: Velis Auto Brightness.

4. Lux Lite

Lux lite

Lux Lite is an android application that control the brightness of the mobile screen, thereby reducing strain on your eyes. In default settings, the app will adjust brightness levels only when you wake up device. If you step into a dimly lit room, Lux will automatically lower the brightness of your display to make it not only comfortable to read, but to also preserve battery power. This application can be considered as a replacement of Android’s default Brightness setting. You can modify its settings and choose anyone of the available settings – Ascendingly, Periodically, Dynamically, or Manually.

This is available as a free version and as well as a premium version (Add on purchase) for $ 3.8. In free version of the app, most important features are included.

You can download it from here: Lux Lite.

5. EasyEyez

EasyEyez-reduce eyes stress

EasyEyes changes your smartphone’s color temperature/ brightness to reduce eye strain when looking at your device at night. As per its claim “Looking at a lower and natural light source gives your body a chance to produce more melatonin, helping to provide you with better sleep”, it keep your eyes in a comfortable color of light. It has several ready-made profiles to choose from.

It is also only available for android and you can download it from here: EasyEyez for android.

Although these applications, increases the comfort level of eyes while staring at your smart phone screen, but to maintain overall health of your eyes, you must follow following rule:

    Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look off into the distance — at something 20 feet away.
    This is called the “20-20-20 rule” by many eye care providers, and it relaxes the focusing muscle inside the eye, relaxes the muscles outside the eyes that converge the eyes (points them inward to stay aligned on near objects), and stimulates blinking to re-moisten the surface of the eyes.”
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5 Best Free Apps to Protect Eyes from Smartphone Screen (F.Lux and its Alternatives)
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5 Best Free Apps to Protect Eyes from Smartphone Screen (F.Lux and its Alternatives)
Staring your smartphone's screen result into eyes strain aka computer vision syndrome. Apps to protect eyes from smartphone screen (blue light).
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