Price of Solar Panels in India (2017)-Updated.

Price of solar panels has been constantly decreasing. It’s right time to invest money in buying solar panels for your home to save electricity bills. Getting electricity from state electricity boards or power companies has been a costlier affair. As an alternative, people are heading to non-conventional source of energy such as solar electricity, wind turbines etc.

Solar power is getting cheaper day by day due to various Govt. of India initiatives. Recently in April, 2017, Indian government exempted Customs & Excise duty on the procurement of material / components required for setting up of “Grid connected Roof-top” Solar PV Power Plants. Various subsidies are provided for purchasing solar panels for household purposes. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is also aim to develop and deploy new and renewable energy for supplementing the energy requirements of the country.

There are a lot of people keen to buy solar panels in India, so we had done a detailed research on price of solar panels. The result of the research are compiled here.

Price of Solar Panels in India  (2017)

Solar Panel Price in India

Solar panel price per watt is also included for better comparison.

Solar Panels Price List- 2017

ManufacturerModelWattage (W)Price (Rs.)Price Per Watt (Rs.)
Solar IndiaPolycrystalline Solar Panel 24 V 250 W 957038
SukamPolycrystalline Solar Panel100 W 500050
Solar universePolycrystalline Solar Panel 150 W620041
SuntimePolycrystalline Solar Panel 150 W760051
KirloskarPolycrystalline Solar Panel 24 V200 W1040052
Sukam Polycrystalline Solar Panel 12 V250 W 1140046
Alpex SolarPolycrystalline Solar Panel 250 W1300052
TracksunPolycrystalline Solar Panel 24 V250 W1440058
HHVPolycrystalline Solar Panel 305 W1590052
LuminousPolycrystalline Solar Panel 250 W1375055
LuminousPolycrystalline Solar Panel 300 W1725057
Solar IndiaPolycrystalline Solar Panel 12 V150 W590039
WareePolycrystalline Solar Panel 10 W58058
WareePolycrystalline Solar Panel 300 W1320044
HB SolarPolycrystalline Solar Panel 150 W620041
Vikram Polycrystalline Solar Panel 100 W500050
EmveePolycrystalline Solar Panel 24 V250 W1050042
MoserbaerPolycrystalline Solar Panel 12V125 W600048
MoserbaerPolycrystalline Solar Panel 12 V300 W1330044
PV Power TechPolycrystalline Solar Panel 24 V300 W1240041
Navitas Green SolutionsNS300300 W1080036
Shan Solar3PSS60 245245 W870035
Navitas Green SolutionsNS305305 W1130037
Photonix SolarPNX 200200 W820041
Photonix SolarPNX 250250 W1040041
Photonix SolarPNX 300 300 W1240041
Tata PV Module100100 W805081
Tata PV Module150150 W1230081
Tata PV Module200200 W160081
Tata PV Module250250 W2010081
Solar UniverseSUI-250P-60250 W850034
Solar UniverseSUI-300P-72300 W1025034
PV Power Tech.ECO 285285 W1050037
PV Power Tech.ECO 290290 W1070037
PV Power Tech.ECO 300300 W1100037
Suntime EnergySUNTIME 50WP50 W255051
Suntime EnergySUNTIME 150W150 W656044
Solar UniverseSUI-250P-60250 W850034
Solar UniverseSUI-300P-72300 W1025034

List of recommended solar panel manufactures approved by MNRE:

You can buy solar panels for your home online here:

Buy Solar Panels at Amazon

Subsidy on Solar Systems

If you are looking for subsidy for solar power plants, then you  must know that-

“As on January 2016, Government has released a priority list for processing subsidy claims. Schools, public institutions, etc are higher up on the priority list and residential projects are lowest in priority list. And thus getting subsidy on residential projects is getting increasingly difficult. NABARD has stopped the subsidy scheme in March 2015:”.

Still various state governments like

  1. Haryana (33% subsidy),
  2. MadhyaPardesh (30% subsidy to domestic consumers), etc.

with the help of MNRE provide the subsidy to their residents for buying rooftop solar power plants.

You can find full list of Subsides provided by various state governments here:

Subsidy on Solar Panel Systems by various State Governments in India.

Before buying solar panels, you are advised go through this handy guide-

  • The cost of solar systems varies from brand to brands. The price of a solar panel depends upon:
    • Type of solar panels (Poly-crystalline vs mono-crystalline)

      Mono-crystalline solar panel is more efficient in converting solar energy into electricity per sq meter area than a multi-crystalline photo-voltaic cells . The space required for the same amount of wattage is less in mono-crystalline solar panel. Thus mono-crystalline is costlier than a poly-crystalline solar cells. The PV modules available in India are mostly poly-crystalline.

    • Their efficiency of converting solar rays into electric power

      Generally for a same kind of  solar cell (either mono or poly-crystalline), typical efficiency of panels available in India varies between 14-17%. PV modules of smaller sizes have efficiency as low as 5-6%. One thing is clear that if the efficiency of solar cell is lower, you need to install more panels get the same amount of electricity and it will occupy more rooftop area.

    • Quality of glass used to cover solar cells

      The glass used to cover solar cell plays a very important role in determining its efficiency. A high-quality glass will result into good transmission and low reflection means more solar rays are reaching to the solar cell- high conversion of solar rays into electric power. Low-cost solar panel generally use low quality glass which result into higher reflection of solar rays back into the atmosphere- Poor conversion of solar energy into electric power.

You might like to know Solar Panel Installation: 5 Must Follow Rules for Maximum Performance.

    • Size of solar panels

      Larger the size of solar panel, less will be the cost of solar power per watt. Large-sized solar panel generally require less amount of external material (Aluminium frame) to accommodate same number of solar cell. That’s why you must go for buying larger sized solar panel to keep the cost minimum. In India, available size of solar panels are- 20 W, 50 Watt, 100 Watt, 150 W, 200 Watt, 250 W and 300 W. Solar panel price per watt is lower for 300 W solar panel in comparison to 100 W or 50 W solar panel.

If you unable to decide the size of solar power plants for your home, You must check out our guide on What size of solar power plant  you need for your home?

Established brands vs Local brands

Established brands such as Tata solar power, Luminous solar power, Sukam solar  etc. use high quality glass, good quality aluminium frame, highly efficient solar cells, high quality solar cell material, that’s why the cost of solar panel per unit watt is generally higher for these brands. For most of owners, buying solar system is one time investment. SO, you should properly assess different brands extensively.

Before buying solar panel for your home, you must go through full guidelines for Buying solar panel in India? A must read Guide to buy Solar Panels.

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